An exercise for your fitness

Nordic walking is a big trend since a couple of years! This sport was developed initially as a training method in summertime for top athletes of cross-country skiing, biathlon and Nordic combined, nowadays everyone can enjoy Nordic walking... for a good reason!


Nordic walking is full-body training and exercises 90 per cent of the 600 muscles of the human body. Nordic walking has several positive effects:

... Exercises power, shape, coordination

... Treats joints with care

... Is efficient - walking with poles brings you 30 % more than without

... Improves your general fitness

... Consumes a lot of energy

... Has a positive effect on the circulation and the immune system

Holiday in Girlan / Eppan is the ideal moment to do something for your fitness and health! You´ll find a hilly terrain, which guaranties optimal uses of sports. Forests and meadows invite you to burn calories and to enjoy nature…both at the same time!

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