Your hiking hotel in Girlan on the Wine Route
Experiencing mountains from the South of South Tyrol

Experience great hiking holidays in South Tyrol in your hiking hotel Mandelhof in Girlan / Eppan! From here you are able to start for many tours in the closer and farer surroundings! Whether you hike in the plain between orchards and vineyards, take a walk to Lake Montiggl or Lake Kaltern or reach the mountain peaks…Penegal, Weißhorn, Schwarzhorn, the Bletterbach gorge, the Rittner Horn and many other mountains await you! Also the mountains tops of the Dolomites - Rosengarten and Schlern - are accessible by car in 30 minutes!

Canyon Rio Sass
Kreuzstein in Eppan

So, get your rucksack ready and let´s go!
Mandelhof’s hiking tips for Eppan & surroundings:

  • Castle tour: Hocheppan – Boymont – Korb: The hiking tour leeds from Hotel Mandelhof to the village Missian, runs past the “Kreideturm” towards Castle Hocheppan with the chapel and the impressing walls out of the mediaeval times. From Castle Hocheppan you go upwards to the Castle ruin Boymont. Also here mediaeval ambience awaits you! Then you climb a 60 m solid wooden staircase, you cross the Hocheppan valley and reach castle Korb. From here you go back to sunny Girlan!

Schloss Hocheppan

  • Castle Sigmundskron – MMM – Castle Firmian: From Girlan you hike downhill via the Tritschtal to Frangart and from there upwards to Castle Sigmundskron. The castle is one of the oldest castles of South Tyrol and also one of the most important symbols for South Tyrolean history and autonomy. Since 2006 the Messner Mountain Museum is accommodated in the castle. Afterwards you hike directly via the cycle path Bozen – Kaltern back to St. Michael and via the Paulsner Höhle to Hotel Mandelhof.Idyllically embedded in the forest, you will find the Large and the Small Lake Montiggl. Depending on how you feel, you either hike from Girlan through the Forest Montiggl to the lakes or choose the Large Lake Montiggl as your starting point! The Spring Valley, the Wilde Mann Bühel, the Hirschplätze and other hiking routes are awaiting you!

Montiggler See

    • A natural phenomena and an adventure for kids and adults are the Eislöcher (ice holes) above St. Michael. The whole year round in this hollow the constant temperature is only 4°C. The physical explanation for this is the principle of a wind canal: air from the Penegal runs down to the valley through a cleaving system between the porphyry rocks and cools down. Then the heavy, cold air remains in the hollow.
    • Especially in spring time a hiking tour through the Frühlingstal (Spring Valley) is a pleasure!  When anywhere else snow and ice are covering the ground, crocuses and daffodils are already in flowers here because of this climatically favoured position of the valley!
    • From Girlan you hike upwards to St. Michael and to the Gleif chapel and onward in southwestern direction to Matschatsch. From there you hike along the Eppaner Höhenweg to Buchwald and come back to Girlan via Kreuzstein, castle Freudenstein and St. Michael!
    • Mendel & Penegal: the fastest way to reach this mountain is the Mendelbahn (from Kaltern), the most precipitous cog railway of Europe. From above there you hike via Roen and via Furgglauer gorge downhill to the valley.
    • At the foot of Weisshorn there is the Bletterbach gorge. Because of his singular appearance the Bletterbach gorge is called also the "Grand Canyon of South Tyrol”. During 20 000 years 10 billion tons of rock here were removed and carried down to the Etsch valley. The impressing hiking tour through this gorge passes along visible rock strata and fossils.
    • A trip to Rittner Horn on lucid days is an impressing experience. You can reach the 2.260 m high mountain peak via rail from Pemmern on the Schwarzseespitze and through a hiking tour of about one hour. You will be recompensated with a 360°view panorama. Especially the Dolomites, which run from south east to south, are an impressive perspective: from Peitlerkofel via the Geißlerspitzen towards Schlern, via Rosengarten to Latemar, to Schwarzhorn and Weißhorn. In the North you can see the Sarntal Alps, behind them the Stubaier Alps. On beautiful days you can see the Ortler from Rittner Horn, and the one, who is very lucky, sees also the Großglockner in eastern direction.  
    • Recommendable is also a day trip to Eggental, to Karerpass and to Rosengarten! From the Paolinahütte (2125 m) which you reach either with the chair lift or via a hiking route from Karerpass, you hike to Rotwandhütte, over the Cigoladepass (2550 m) to the Tschagerjoch (2630 m) and to the Rosengartenhütte.
    • For Meran and surroundings we recommend you the Waalwege (Algunder Waalweg, Maiser Waalweg, Verdinser Waalweg, Kuenser Waalweg and Marlinger Waalweg). Because of the lack of rain in the Burggrafenamt in the course of time were build ingenious watering canals: the Waale. A hiking tour along these water tracks through orchards, vineyards, forests and meadows is especially beautiful.

    Did you forget to pack your climbing boots??! Don´t worry... you can rent them in our hotel!

    And after a long hiking tour cross South Tyrol you relax in the outdoor swimming poolof Hotel Mandelhof, in the saunas or by a sport massage! Also a good wine in our garden or in the wine cellar gives you new energy!

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